Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Troubleshooter Guide

No Power to System: Possible Causes

-Fuse blown, either at main home service panel, or on AC system
-Wiring to system is faulty
-Main system has gone into safety interrupt due to blocked air blower

No Cooling Power – But System Blows Hard

-This indicates a proper functioning filter and blower system, but a failure in the refrigeration system.
-Refrigerant needs to be recharged
-Refrigerant tubing/piping has sprung a leak
-Outside condenser motor or pump have blown–check if outdoor motor is running

No Cooling Power – System Blows Weak

-Most likely: Filters need service and repair (Call Us!)
-Air handler/blower motor is burnt out
-Air handler/blower is clogged
-Air ducts need to be cleaned
-Indoor coil is clogged or has iced up

AC System Noises

-Grating, grinding noises are nearly always the failure of a blower motor.
-Excessive air noise can be caused by dirty ducts or blocked ducts (construction debris or loose parts)

Maintenance & Performance Tips:

-Keep those filters clean (with regular AC maintenance service from Strategic Air Services)
-Keep vegetation away from outdoor condensers–condensers need to “breathe” to expel heat efficiently
-If possible, outdoor condensers should be in a shaded area (don’t cut back a tree that shades a condenser)
-Observe regular maintenance (you can contact us for maintenance quotes)
-Indoor air vents, if too many are shut, reduce overall system performance and efficiency

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